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Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner so get ready for pumpkin carving and more fun fall-time activities. On the Hunters Crossing Blog we want to share some fun, interesting, and creative ways for you to decorate pumpkins this year. Get together with friends at your apartment and enjoy a weeknight or weekend autumn activity here in Newark, DE!



Glow-in-the-dark pumpkins are a great way to decorate your pumpkins without the mess of carving. Rather than using paper to cut out shapes for the pumpkin design, use full-page printable labels so that the shapes act as stickers to stay in place on your pumpkin. First cut out shapes of your pumpkin’s face by cutting out eyes, a nose, and a mouth. You could really cut out any shape you want for your pumpkin as well. Try making a design, a character, or whatever else you’d like. After cutting out the shapes, stick them onto the pumpkin. Next, spray a glow-in-the-dark spray paint onto the pumpkin. Do as many layers as you can in order to really make the pumpkins glow. Once dry, take off the stickers and enjoy your glowing pumpkin.



Painting your pumpkins is another great way for you to avoid a messy carving. Painting pumpkins can go a variety of ways. You can simply paint a design made of stripes, spots, and zig zags or splatter paint your pumpkin. You can also paint a Halloween or fall quote or saying such as “Trick-or-Treat” or “Boo!”. These pumpkins are also great to use as decoration around the house; no need to leave these pretty pumpkins outside.


A Twist on Carving

Carving pumpkins is always a fun tradition where the options are truly unlimited. To change things up from the usual pumpkin faces, carve spots or stripes into the pumpkin to create a pretty doorstep on the night of Halloween. Whatever design or image you end up carving, here’s a tip on how to keep your pumpkins fresh, longer: first, use diluted bleach water to clean out any bacteria in the pumpkin. Next, use petroleum jelly or a type of cooking oil to prevent dehydration and mold growth. These tips will keep your carved pumpkins fresh for a much longer period of time.


What’s your favorite way to decorate pumpkins? Let us know in the comments and enjoy your Halloween festivities this month.