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Creative Ways to Express Gratitude This Month

Creative Ways to Express Gratitude This Month

It’s November and that means it’s a great time to give thanks. Here on the Hunters Crossing Blog, we have some ideas on how you can express gratitude and therefore feel more grateful throughout this month. Enjoy your month here in Newark, DE.


Gratitude Tree

A gratitude tree is a great way to show gratitude, as well as to add some fall decor to your apartment. Cut out a bunch of fall colored leaves out of paper. Use a hole punch to make a hole in one side of the leaf. Each day of November write down something you’re thankful for on a leaf and hang it on the tree with a piece of string. You now have a beautifully decorated fall tree.


Gratitude Journal

This is a simple idea that many people can attest to how it helps them to stay happy. Each day make a journal entry of things you’re grateful for. This will keep your thoughts on what you have instead of what you don’t have and it will keep you thinking positive all the time.


Gratitude Board

This idea is a way to publically display all that you’re grateful for. As you think of things that you’re grateful for, add them to the board. You can decorate the board with leaves or simple designs. In the middle of the board, you can write “Things I’m Grateful For” or simply “Gratitude”.


Gratitude Rocks

If you want to make something crafty, we suggest this idea. Each day, paint a smooth rock with a solid color and then paint on the words of what you’re grateful for. They add a fun decorative touch to your home.


Gratitude Jar

This is another simple idea that’s fun to do. Each day, write down what you’re grateful for on a slip of paper. Fold up the paper and put it into a jar. Make a goal to fill the jar full of gratitude slips throughout the month. Write the year on the jar and do this each year to create an easy way to look back on what you were grateful for each year.


How do you express gratitude? Does gratitude really make you happier? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!